New features

SMANAG 1.8 version - 2nd April 2019

Competency management

  • CM basic module is now available
    • Pre defined job profiles
    • Job profiles can be linked with employees
    • Job profiles can be linked with system processes


SMANAG 1.7 version - 18th February 2019


  • Tutorials are available. You can use these short instructions by clicking on “I need help” button in the right upper corner.
  • 60 days free trial is available for trying out Advanced features of Process Management, Risk Management and CSR Management modules.
  • Modifications on document management in general. Multiple documents, URLs are possible to upload/attach and link to already uploaded documents in order to avoid duplicates.

Process management

  • Content of main and sub processes are linked in such a way that if you analyze the processes on the lowest sub-process level via the turtle method you can easily synchronize the content with the higher level processes. If a process analysis exists already when you create a sub-process you can use and process the data already entered at the high level process analysis.
  • Modifications on User management. Delegation of your Superusers as Process owners is from now on possible.

Risk management

  • Managing confidential information in RM module: For top management purposes in the SWOT analysis you can hide sensitive information. If you check the box "Confidental" in SWOT analysis, then this risk will not be visible anymore for simple PM users with read only access.


SMANAG 1.6 version - 27th November 2018


  • Integrating Billingo invoicing system into SMANAG for automated invoicing
  • Implementing History feature
  • Risk management modul, basic and advanced levels have been released
  • Smanag consultant feature has been added
  • Auditor modul has been released


SMANAG 1.5 version - 24th August 2018


  • Credit card payment via OTP Simplepay has been integrated
  • Process Management Advanced level has been released
  • CSR Advanced level has been released


SMANAG 1.4 version - 27th July 2018


  • PDF export has been added to the basic QMS features
  • CSR Matrix generation has been added to the CSR module
  • CSR module has been made responsive and mobile-friendly


SMANAG 1.3 version - 15th June 2018


  • Basic QMS features for creation the quality manual have been integrated


SMANAG 1.2 version - 11th April 2018


  • CSR Basic module has been released


SMANAG 1.1 version - 22nd March 2018


  • PM Basic module has been released


SMANAG 1.0 version - 30th January 2018


  • Coming soon - landing page with early bird subscribing option has been released